Friday, February 25, 2011

February 21, 2011

February week 3 update: we enjoyed temperatures in the middle-70's this weekend and saw the first crocus blooms! Here are pictures of our soon-coming Spring vegetable garden.

Bryan dug in the landscape timber edging in front, added the fence, and put down the soaker hose. It's ready to plant spinach in the five raised bed rows, peas along the fence, lettuce where the wheelbarrow is now, and gladiolas lining the front.

This section will be planted in pumpkins once the spinach is finished in May. Brussels sprouts behind the wheel barrow are still producing well and have been all winter. You can almost see the row of winter garlic among leaf mulch next section over where regular summer vegetables will grow, and the cover crop of red clover in the last section over where corn will grow. Apple trees in the back are still dormant, but peach trees have buds that are beginning to swell. A row of two dozen red raspberry canes planted last weekend are adjusting marvelously.

Inside, we have beautiful Amaryllis blooms.

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