Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Chicks, the Second Week

Growing up fast:  Rhode Island Red chick at two weeks old.
Our chicks have lost their adorable fuzzy appearance and instead look more like buzzards.  We read about this stage, when their soft down gets shaggy and is pushed out by tiny pin feathers coming in.  Feathers have begun to grow on their backs, thighs, and neck.  They look like living pin cushions; they have begun to preen themselves as if feather growing feels uncomfortable.  Their legs and feet are no longer spindly and fragile; they are putting on weight, so they must be enjoying their food.  This week we added grit to their diet and have started feeding them greens (red clover from the garden!).  They are very good at flying, but cannot flutter out of their 3-ft. high stall.
Comb and wattle, though yellow, are looking more chicken-like.

Tiny pin feathers are growing out of this chick's neck.

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