Saturday, August 23, 2014

Summer Comes To An End

Though peaches hit local markets as early as June, ours ripen at summer's end.
Huckleberries measured for a pie
My Farmer's Almanac arrived in the mail, boasting over last winter's dead-on forecast in retrospect. It's calling for another "polar vortex" winter to come. If an early chicken molt is any indication, growers might want to get their fall crops in early. We did. For now winter's a long way off, as we harvest through hot, hazy late August.

Winter gourds curing in the sun
Our harvest baskets look a lot different now than they did in July. For one, there's a lot more fruit - peaches, figs, berries, and melons. We're even getting some early apples. We're harvesting the heavy weights now - watermelons in the 40-50 pound range! Even some pumpkins and gourds have joined the ensemble. Sunny, dry afternoons help to cure winter squash for longer shelf life.

Dry beans
In order to create space for fall broccoli, cabbage, and greens, we half-heartedly began garden clean-up in the corn patch. We're turning our attention to seed gathering so we can continue to grow our heirloom varieties next year.      
Seed saving operation
Abundance of watermelon
Heirloom "Rattlesnake" watermelon weighing 41 pounds
Assorted pumpkins curing in the garden
Popping corn plants to left promise a delicious harvest in October

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